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compliant functional for my store

Superb folding walkway, light and mounted on a ball joint. Small downside for me, I had to make adaptations to the fixing axis.

Material that meets expectations, easy to use, solid, manufacturing quality, after reading other comments some complain about the weight. This is related to the quality, robustness and rather gives confidence when working at 5m Very nice product.

I chose the Worhan ladder because I wanted a “German” product for which I still get spare parts after a few years. I have another, “NoName” ladder where after years the plastic feet have jumped and I can't get them anymore. This annoyed me pretty much because I only have to dispose of the ladder because of a few missing plastic parts. Amazon has delivered the new Worhan ladder within a very short time. The new ladder now does what it has to do, but makes a stable impression because I still put about 120kg on the scales and therefore had my fears. Otherwise there is nothing to complain, at least until today and the good piece was after the hailstorm in June here with us quite often in use.

I was fed up with basic trestles, not stable, too light and slender. This is serious, solid ergonomic folding (but also more expensive of course). The well-thought-out thing, including positioning or storing it. This model seems generic and available in several brands, proof of its optimal functioning study. Well seen in any case.

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